Date/time: 11-Sep-2023 : 21:00 - BEUY WHIT A WIND IT WIS LAST NIGHT!

It took haystacks and henhouses, and massive seas opened up Kirkwall’s waterfront. The previous year had seen a hurricane, and 1953 brought the full force of the weather on to Orkney again, as Dr Tom Rendall hears, with recordings past and present and archive photos. Joining him are Ailsa Seatter from Westray, Billy Cardno from Kirkwall, and Donnie Grieve from Harray, along with recently recorded accounts from Isa Stanger in Kirkwall, Jim Pratt in Shapinsay and Jim Lennie in Sanday. Sarah Jane Gibbon reads a description written by her grandmother, Bessie Skea (Countrywoman).

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