Date/time: 9-Sep-2023 : 14:30 - SIT ME DOON WITH MR BOOM

Greetings Earthlings big and small! My spaceship will be heading to Earth in September – but I have some problems with my Auntie-Gravity suit – it’s the one that my Auntie Gravity made for me to help me cope with the Earth’s gravity, which is six times as much as on the Moon.

There’s been some wear in the pads that cover my knees, and as a result they’ve become a bit creaky after 73 orbits of the Sun. Hence, I may materialise from the Space Ship Imagination in a sitting position rather than a standing one. Uncle Gravity has advised that energetic singing and dancing around a Sat-Me-Doon-Boom may help the suit’s power system recover – so your help is needed!

With thanks to the Lunar Friendship Association and BBC Radio Moon

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