Date/time: 9-Sep-2023 : 10:30 - MADE MANIFEST IN FORM AND NUMBER

Many of the artists in the Pier’s permanent collection, including Barbara Hepworth and Naum Gabo, were deeply influenced by a remarkable book written by a remarkable man. D’Arcy Thompson was Professor of Natural History at University College Dundee and the University of St Andrews, but had wide-ranging interests including mathematics, art, philosophy and the classics. His 1917 book On Growth and Form probed deep into the mathematical patterns underlying living creatures. Pier curator Andrew Parkinson introduces the artists, and Dr Isobel Falconer, historian of mathematics at St Andrews, describes the man and his influence. There’s then an opportunity to tour the permanent collection and also a new visiting exhibition from the University of Dundee featuring other artists influenced by D’Arcy Thomson’s work along with models and specimens from D’Arcy Thompson’s own collection, in the company of Dundee curator Matthew Jarron and Kari Adams of the Pier as well. Between the talks and the tour there’s a break for tea, coffee and Orkney biscuits.

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